Recruitment is the process of finding capable applicants for employment. The process begins when new recruiters recruit and end when their candidates are submitted. The result sought the applicants from which new employees are selected.
The co-ordination between candidates and employees are to be dissolved by recruitment. The recruitment should have own skills built up for highly knowledge as well as communication. They need to check candidates those quality with potential experience mentioned in their c.v.
Now a days many unemployment people facing problems in getting a job. But its very necessary for recruiters to make them easy way to built their career. The graduate can do the recruitment job during his post graduation and also make visible his quality of decision making, understanding, task oriented and can be improve his skills and communication.
Most of the recruiter’s doesn’t understand and faced problem to make closer. Hiring formalities is based on candidate willingness. If such candidate not able to work due to his budget or the clients are not being satisfied from those applicants, he will make a warning against H.R and also a H.R department need to make all collective information.
Now a days the job journey becomes difficult if the career is not selected. So this is very difficult in professional life. As the doctor save people life and keep them safe, the recruiters keep making people’s lives their life. When people struggle generally, the recruiters placed two role i.e. giving opportunity to do work and make career.
But generally many recruiters finds difficult to make their money because if they don’t do the closer so they don’t get their commission.
This is very joyful and challenging for to built the career in recruitment. Apart from the career many recruiters helps to make the unemployment ratio less.
This is a career were learning never be ends. You can learn new portals, working software, new clients, new businesses and new people. Because every new opening opens the mind of new learning and gaining knowledge.
Recruiter built the trustworthy relation between candidate and clients. Recruitment are the things who help from internal way to make them positive result. convince to seniors to get them job not only for money but for joyousness. They never do such an efforts for anyone to freeze them easily in the mankind. Human’s are born with humanity and being humans this is the of the most precious duty.

Some example of recruitment for finding clients –
1. Cold Calling:- The recruitment generally do calling about more than 1000 cold calls per day of finding candidate as per clients affirmation.
By cold calling a recruiters should get the knowledge about to find applicants fluent communication, Experience and those personality.

2. Email Marketing :- The applicant should received a email from the consulting department with description about the company job description, address background, position and many more so that they will prepare for it.
The clients generally co-ordinate with seniors only but they provide professionally information by email with legal contract. They mentioned about the number of candidate requirements after the fulfilment the consulting department will charged amount as per the joining. Because the joining formalities is disclosed by the H.R. Recruiters.
3. Referrals:- The recruiters do have the rights to placed such candidate in the big firm as per their reference too.

4. Job Posting Website :- The Recruiters have to provide some job portals websites to find out such candidates requires or their c.v. to check whether they are flexible with the given experience as well.
This is very hectic to find the requirements as mentioned in c.v. some experience candidate asked for incredible salary for the particular job and the clients need not to give such expenses.

5. Social Media :- The use of social media now a days is about progressive nature. Because the small and big firm are established online website and due to that they provide such advertisements on social media. The digital marketing is very important and businessman need to make digital mindset.

Types of Recruitment Training –
Some of the newly graduated recruitment don’t have the practical knowledge about how to deal with such situation in a practical life.
Here we go to trained you about recruitment and also the basic knowledge to fulfilled those jobs and requirements.
1. Productive knowledge – The business is depends on the customer satisfaction but knowledge about what they generally needs to explain is productive knowledge.
Clarification about product quality will help to win customers trust. In recruitment we do to provide some technical or theoretical knowledge as they can get own idea to make closer.
For this some website portal provided by the H.R. Department.
2. Skills Training :- The training is applicable for all things and also they can get the opportunity to improve such skills like communication, workaholic and many others and and they can be a quick learner to learn from their clients.

3. Technical Based Training:- Depending on the type of job technical training will required to fulfilled such technical issue placed by the system or may be occurs.
The recruiters get opportunity to learn such training and necessarily helped to tackle the situation. Many recruiters helpful to generate revenue on the basis of some programmers.

4. Legal Authority:- The recruiters get legal authority to work on the company assets and helpful or succeed to generate revenue. The legal authority is helpful to trained the recruiter to take some decision for his company as well to generate mankind.

5. Team Training :- The team work is very important to built trust and loyalty among those workers. Such training also provided to recruiters.
Now a days finding humanity is very hard as well as the loyalty.

6. Safety Training:- When the company provide such responsibility as per your dedication and they give you to generate revenue for that those information about the company need not to lick from your kindness, you need to be possessive for it.

7. Professional Training :- The professional training is provided for to make you responsible and to handle the duty with professionalism and also to make you to accept the challenges.